Top 8 Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising (2022)

Are you planning to upgrade your skateboard wheels? If so, this article is the right one for you because we have presented the top 8 best skateboard wheels for cruising. Cruising is fun and if you love cruising, then you must buy the best skateboard wheels too.

Skating depends much more on equipment than skills. It’s so because if you begin learning with the wrong skateboard, then that will automatically drag down your performance. On the other hand, you can become an excellent rider provided you own the right skateboard. 

Wheels form the major part of skateboards and that mainly categorizes the skateboards as the right ones. With the right wheels, your skating or cruising experience can reach a new height. If the wheels are of the right sizes and made of high-quality materials, they can roll smoothly and thereby, increase your enthusiasm in cruising.

That’s why it is not at all a good idea to buy any random skateboard wheels and always go with the best cruiser wheels. However, it can be a bit difficult. Plenty of brands are there in the market and that can make the selection process a lot confusing.

So, we have tested various products and come up with the top 8 products among which you can choose as per your requirements. Besides the size of the wheels, a lot of factors need to be checked. For that, we have designed a ‘Buying Guide’ section too after the product reviews.

Without wasting any more time on ado, let’s get started!

List of top 8 best skateboard wheels for cruising –

1. Shark Wheel skateboard wheels for cruising (Set of 4, 60mm)

Volador longboard complete cruiser (42”, drop-through deck – camber concave)

Product Description –

The first position on our list is taken by one of the best cruiser wheels that you can buy to enjoy skating on almost all surfaces. You can buy this for cruising, taking hard curves, or for normal skating in the park. So, start exploring the world with these skateboard wheels.

Unlike the traditional wheels, these skateboard wheels push the various objects sidewise while riding through any road. This offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience. The wheels have been designed in such a fashion that they have 57% less friction in motion thus offering a high-speed ride.

Moreover, the California-made high-quality polyurethane also makes the wheels adequate to boost up your speed during skating. It features a 30-degree approach angle that reduces shock while striking the obstacles offering a smooth ride.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the wheels: 4.5 x 2.5 x 4.5”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 1.5lbs.
  • Originating country: USA.
  • Material: Polyurethane.


  • The built quality of these wheels is amazing.
  • Easier to ride because of lesser friction.
  • Sturdily constructed.


  • Nothing as such.

2. Freedare skateboard wheels for cruising (Set of 4, 60mm)

Freedare skateboard wheels for cruising (Set of 4, 60mm)

Product Description –

At a much cheaper price, you can also try out this amazing set of skateboard wheels with excellent features. It comes with the ABEC-7 high-quality steel bearings and spacers that are already installed on the wheels.

These wheels when installed on your skateboard run pretty smooth making your skating experience more exciting. Besides, they are durable too and hence are suitable for street skating. Moreover, the steel bearings also are pre-lubricated offering a better experience in high-speed situations.

They are also great for cruising and are also considered to be great on smooth concretes. Besides supporting all these features, the installation procedure of these wheels is easy since you need to just fit them in the axle like regular wheels only.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the package: 5 x 4.92 x 1.85”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 1lb.
  • Hardness/durometer: 83a.
  • Material: Polyurethane.


  • Smooth and the bearings are also great.
  • Perfectly soft skateboard wheels for cruising.
  • Rolls nice.


  • Taller and wider that doesn’t let you perform tricks properly.

3. Freedare cruiser wheels for skateboarding (set of 4, 60mm)

Slendor longboard complete maple cruiser (42”, drop through deck camber concave)

Product Description –

Thirdly, we have pointed out another model from the same best skateboard wheels brands as the previous one. However, this is available at a cheaper price than the product mentioned above. They also come with steel ABEC-7 bearings that are pre-installed and pre-lubricated.

The wheels are the perfect choice for beginner skaters and also stand ideal for cruising. They are much more durable and quiet while rolling but slides faster and smoothly. The grippy edge of the wheels is also much helpful during downhill riding.

The red color of these wheels along with the three LED lights wrapped in makes them look nice while riding. In addition, the lightweight of these wheels doesn’t make the skateboards heavier and hence they are one of the best choices to purchase.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the wheels: 2.36 x 1.77 x 2.36”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 1.234lbs.
  • Hardness/durometer: 83a.
  • Material: Polyurethane.


  • Adequately soft skateboard wheels for cruising.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • The LED lights make them look brilliant.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • The lights may get damaged after some months.

4. Orangatan longboard cruiser wheels (set of 4, 80mm)

Retrospec longboard skateboard complete (42”, drop through deck)

Product Description –

If you own a longboard and need to replace the wheels, then these wheels can be one of the best options for you. It has been designed uniquely to offer higher speeds and grip offering downhill skateboard racing, hard carving, and long-distance pushing.

These wheels are installed with Jehu V2 bearings with extended inner raceways that remove the need to buy separate spacers or rings. They are of larger sizes that enable them to roll over almost any obstacles like rocks, cracks, etc.

The wheels are also equipped with a fully exposed core that helps to reduce the weight during quick acceleration or crisp slides. Packed with all these excellent features, you can buy them although the wheels are a bit expensive.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the package: 7.48 x 7.32 x 3.62”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 2.6lbs.
  • Hardness/durometer: 77a/80a/83a.
  • Material: Urethane.


  • Excellent and gorgeous looks.
  • Much sturdy and strong.
  • The right amount of grip.


  • Nothing.

5. Bigfoot soft skateboard wheels for cruising (set of 4, 53mm)

Bigfoot soft skateboard wheels for cruising (set of 4, 53mm)

Product Description –

We present you with another set of 4 best skateboard wheels for cruising that offers smooth-rolling making your skateboarding experience a lot more exciting. The wheels are much fast and also they roll quietly thereby ideal for the toughest riding sports.

The wheels offer great stability though smaller in size. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, these skateboard wheels can be a good choice. It has been designed with a high-rebound formula making them fast and smooth.

The high-quality precision bearing alignment boosts up the performance of the wheels and enables them to roll faster. Packed with all these features, it is also backed up by a 30-day warranty by the manufacturer.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the wheels: 4.25 x 4.25 x 1.25”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 0.23 kg.
  • Hardness/durometer: 83a.
  • Material: Urethane.


  • Besides cruising, they are great for street riding too.
  • No problem in cracks or other rough surfaces while riding.
  • Looks are like normal wheels.


  • The durability should be improved a bit more.

6. Fireball longboard and skateboard cruiser wheels (set of 4, 60mm)

Blitzart electric skateboard/longboard (38”, 18mph 350w brushless motor)

Product Description –

In the sixth place, we have come up with another best skateboard wheel for cruising that comes at a reasonable price. It is available in four colors among which you can choose one – Red, Black, Blue, and White. They will easily let you slide smoothly to the destination.

The 60 mm-sized wheels offer a much more comfortable and smooth riding experience whether you are buying them for longboards, mini-cruisers, or double kick skateboards. They are made of premium formula Beast Urethane that is much more flexible and also ensures durability.

No matter how many rough surfaces you are riding, these wheels can overcome all obstacles and let you enjoy the ride. Equipped with a large black urethane fiberglass core, these wheels come with maximum strength and predictable slides throughout.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the package: 4.65 x 4.61 x 1.85”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 0.45 kg.
  • Hardness/durometer: 81a.
  • Material: Urethane and Fiberglass.


  • The durability of the wheels is superb.
  • Smooth and comfortable ride.
  • The grip and looks are excellent.


  • The bearings provided can be a bit hard to put inside.

7. Ricta skateboard wheel for cruising (54mm)

Ricta skateboard wheel for cruising (54mm)

Product Description –

If you own a small cruiser board, then this is one of the best skateboard wheels for cruising that you can buy. It has been designed with a modern design that doesn’t feel heavy but bulky. These wheels are durable to withstand rough surfaces with ease.

The wheels are also soft enabling the board to run smoothly in case of bumpy roads or obstacles in the way. Besides, the wheels do not make any sort of noise while rolling thus offering a nice and delightful experience.

They are made of solid urethane which makes them tough and efficient. The 78D core also adds to the sturdiness of these skateboard wheels. Therefore, all these excellent features make the skateboard wheels a competitive choice.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the package: 4.33 x 4.09 x 1.42”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 0.28 kg.
  • Hardness/durometer: 78a.
  • Material: Urethane.


  • The wheels are of good quality.
  • Solid materials used.
  • Offers adequate bounce and speed for going through the roads smoothly.


  • Can feel sticky sometimes.

8. Cloud Ride cruiser wheels for longboards (set of 4, 69mm)

Cloud Ride cruiser wheels for longboards (set of 4, 69mm)

Product Description –

Lastly, you can also purchase the best skateboard wheels that have been designed for carving and cruising. It has been manufactured with high rebound urethane that makes it ideal for any sort of riding. Featuring a square-lipped design, the grip provided by the wheels is super.

The wheels are soft making it perfect to roll over the cracks, bumpy roads, or uneven surfaces easily. Due to the pure quality urethane used during the construction, the wheels are much more durable and long-lasting.

In addition to the features, these wheels are amazing in looks and design that make them look beautiful while riding on the roads. This product is available in a wide variety of colors among which you can choose one that suits your longboard.

Technical Description –

  • Dimensions of the package: 5.39 x 5.08 x 2.01”.
  • Weight of the wheels: 0.68 kg.
  • Hardness/durometer: 78a.
  • Material: Urethane.


  • Nice design.
  • Quality is good.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fast wheels.


  • Nothing as such.

How to buy the best skateboard wheels for cruising? | Buying Guide –

Among many other parts of a skateboard, wheels also play a vital role since, without them, the skateboards will not move. So, it’s important to buy the best skateboard wheels for cruising. However, there are plenty of them. You need to filter them out for picking up the best one.

Let’s take a look at the various factors that can help you to buy the best skateboard wheels for cruising:

Materials used:

The skateboard wheels need to be long-lasting and durable so that you don’t need to change them frequently. For that, you need to check the materials used for manufacturing the skateboard wheels. They need to be enough strong for withstanding continuous motion and other obstacles. Usually, skateboard wheels are made of Polyurethane which is quite efficient and also a lot stable. The PU wheels are also not very expensive.

Size of the wheels:

It’s important to check the diameter of the skateboard wheels before purchasing because it has to fit well with the skateboard’s size. Buying the wrong size wheels for a skateboard can be a waste because that can badly impact the overall stability and performance of the skateboard. 

Generally, for skateboards of size 40 inches, it’s better to buy the wheels of size 70-75mm. For all the products that we reviewed above, the size has been specified in the brackets beside the product titles. Please check the size and then proceed to tap the buy button.


You may be hearing this term for the first time, so let me tell you durometer implies the degree of hardness of the wheels. Now, both hard and soft wheels feature their positives and negatives. Thus, you need to identify the type of ride you want to enjoy and then select the wheel durometer. The usual hardness of the wheels available in the market is 83a which is perfect for all sorts of skateboarding experiences. Softer wheels provide more gripping ability while the harder wheels help you to achieve higher speeds.


It’s a good idea to buy those skateboard wheels that come with bearings. Some products may be there that don’t come with bearings which can be a major problem since you need to find out the right size bearings later. Usually, the skateboard wheels feature ABEC-7 or 9 bearings. They play a significant role in precision, speed, and efficiency too.


One must always decide on a budget before buying anything no matter even if that thing is not so expensive. It means the amount that you are eager to spend on a certain thing. Choosing a budget can help you to achieve the best product within that budget.

These are some of the factors you need to acknowledge for buying the best skateboard wheels for cruising.

Why should you buy cruiser wheels? || Benefits –

The cruiser wheels provide many benefits. Some of the major ones are mentioned below:

  • Nice for beginners: The cruiser wheels can be perfect for beginners because they help you to learn properly the various tricks. So, buying a skateboard and then installing cruiser wheels can be one of the best things that you can do as a beginner. They are a lot better than directly starting with double-kick or freestyle skateboards.
  • Alternatives of bicycle: Instead of buying a bicycle, you can purchase a skateboard or longboard and fit the cruiser wheels. They can help you to easily skate in your neighborhood or on flat surfaces.
  • Smoothness: Unlike other kinds of wheels, the cruiser wheels are softer that offer a comfortable and smooth riding experience. This is very essential in skating because that can help you to enjoy yourself more and reach your destination easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q1. What is the best size of the wheels to buy for cruising?

A: The size of the wheels is based on the size of the skateboards and not mainly on the type of skateboarding. So, for cruising, any wheel diameter from 50-75mm will do. You should buy smaller wheels if you have a smaller skateboard while larger ones are for longboards. However, for beginners, it’s better to buy wheels with 60mm diameter.

Q2. Which are the best skateboard wheels brands to buy?

A: There are many brands manufacturing skateboard wheels but not all will be the best in terms of durability. So, it’s better to buy them from the best skateboard wheels brands like Orangutan, Freeware, etc.

Q3. Are there any metrics through which I can choose the best cruiser wheels?

A: Yes, there are plenty of such factors that can help to select the best skateboard wheels for cruising. To help you with that, we have provided a Buying Guide section above where you can get all the factors that need to be considered.

Q4. I have a regular longboard. Can I install cruiser wheels on them?

A: Yes, why not! Cruising is a very simple type of skateboarding. There are not many pre-requisites of a longboard that are required to be looked upon. So, even a regular longboard is enough to install the cruiser wheels.

Q5. Can cruising be done with hard wheels?

A: It’s always advised to buy cruiser wheels that are moderately soft and not very hard. For instance, you may find many cruiser wheels with 90A durometer but they are never the best options. Harder wheels are better if you want to go for speedy rides but not for cruising. Try not to buy cruiser wheels that come with more than 83a hardness.

Q6. Is it okay to buy skateboard wheels online?

A: If you are aware of the size of the wheels that you need for the skateboard you have, you can always buy skateboard wheels online. This can help you to get them at a much more affordable price than buying from local stores.

Q7. Can I perform Ollie with cruiser wheels?

A: Yes, you can. The cruiser wheels are also designed with certain interesting features that can enable you to perform tricks, like Ollie. However, the movements and timings need to be adjusted because the cruiser wheels are generally heavier and a bit sticky too. So, you need to become somewhat advanced in skating before doing so.

Q8. What is a contact patch?

A: The area of contact of a wheel with the pavement is referred to as the contact patch. The wheels designed for longboards are larger and thus feature larger contact patches. On the other side, smaller wheels will have smaller contact patches. The contact patch plays a vital role in the performance because the wheels’ shape also impacts the contact patch besides the size.

Final Thoughts…

Hope that you have found this entire series on the top 8 best skateboard wheels for cruising quite exciting. All the important things that you need to know are highlighted in this article. There is no requirement to go through any other article for purchasing the best skateboard wheels.

You can choose any of the above-reviewed cruiser wheels because all of them are equipped with excellent features that you need to cruise smoothly. Thank you for spending your precious time reading this entire article, hope to meet you soon!

For any other queries or questions, you can mention them down in the comments section. Our team will try their best to respond to each and every query.

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